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Html how to start

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To develop our first application.firstly we have to write code in Notepad

So let's Try to develop our first web page

1.Text Editor

Open your favorite text editor, e.g Notepad. Create an empty text file

2. HTML Code

Copy and paste the following HTML code into your newly open text file.

<header><title>This is title</title></header>
  Hello world

3.Save It

Click File, Save it with a HTML file extension, e.g “anynameyoulike.html”


Double click to view it. (Or open the newly saved HTML file with your favor Internet browser).


Explanation of code

  • <html></html> tag is tell internet browser this file is a start and end of the HTML file document.
  • Text between <header></header> tag is for HTML header information, which is not display in internet browser.
  • Text between <title></title> will display in left-up corner in internet browser, it’s web page title.
  • Text between <body></body> will display as content in internet browser. 
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