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About C Language

  • The C programming language was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie of Bell Laboratories.
  • It is one the most famous programming language.
  • C is a middle level programming language because it has feature of high-level languages  with the functionalities of an assembly language. It allows manipulation of bits, bytes and addresses of the basic elements with which the computer functions. .
  • C was intially used for systems programming. A system forms a portion of the operating system of the computer or its support utilities.
  • Linux,  PHP,  Mysql and many modern software are written in C.

It is popular beacuse of following reason

  • C language is easy and simple to learn.
  • Very fast and efficient.
  • It is a structured langauge.
  • It has rich set of built in function and libraries.
  • It has few keywords and a relatively simple to understand syntax.
  • C is highly portable means that programs once written can be run on another machines with little or no modification.

Uses of C language

  • Compiler and Assemblers
  • OS ( Linux ) 
  • Database system
  • Drivers 
  • Word processors and many more 


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