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Ajax issues

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AJAX Issues

AJAX is growing very fast and that is the reason that it contains many issues with it. Some issues that AJAX is currently suffering from are discussed below:

Complexity is increased

  • Server-side developers will need to understand that presentation logic will be required in the HTML client pages as well as in the server-side logic.
  • Page developers must have JavaScript technology skills.

AJAX-based applications can be difficult to debug, test, and maintain

  • JavaScript is hard to test - automatic testing is hard.
  • Weak modularity in JavaScript.
  • Lack of design patterns or best practice guidelines yet.

Toolkits/Frameworks are not mature yet

  • Most of them are in beta phase.

No standardization of the XMLHttpRequest yet

  • Future version of IE will address this.

No support of XMLHttpRequest in old browsers

  • Iframe will help.

JavaScript technology dependency and incompatibility

  • Must be enabled for applications to function.
  • Still some browser incompatibilities exist.

JavaScript code is visible to a hacker

  • Poorly designed JavaScript code can invite security problems.
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