Write a function to return Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Search Tree. | Atrenta written Question

In a binary search tree, adidas zx 850 damskie write a c function to find the lowest common ancestor. You may assume that both values already exist in the tree. Example:

 2 / \ 1 4 / \ 3 5 Lowest Comman ancestor of 1 and 3 is 2 . 

Algorithm : While traversing Binary Search Tree from top to bottom,

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  • the first node n we encounter with value between n1 and n2, Adidas Stan Smith Dames i.e., n1 < n < n2 is the Lowest or Least Common Ancestor(LCA) of n1 and n2 (where n1 < n2). So just traverse the BST in pre-order, if you find a node with value in between n1 and n2 then n is the LCA, adidas superstar 2 mujer if it’s value is greater than both n1 and n2 then our LCA lies on left side of the node,

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  • if it’s value is smaller than both n1 and n2 then LCA lies on right side. Code :

     /* Function to find least comman ancestor of n1 and n2 */ int leastCommanAncestor(struct node* root, int n1,  New Balance 998 męskie int n2) { /* If we have reached a leaf node then LCA doesn't exist If root->data is equal to any of the inputs then input is not valid. */ if(root == NULL || root->data == n1 || root->data == n2) return -1; /* If any of the input nodes is child of the current node we have reached the LCA.  

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  • For example, in the above figure if we want to calculate LCA of 4 and 5,

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  • recursion should terminate when we reach 2*/ if((root->right != NULL) && (root->right->data == n1 || root->right->data == n2)) return root->data; if((root->left != NULL) && (root->left->data == n1 || root->left->data == n2)) return root->data; if(root->data > n1 && root->data < n2) return root->data; if(root->data > n1 && root->data > n2) return leastCommanAncestor(root->left, sac fjallraven kanken n1, n2); if(root->data < n1 && root->data < n2) return leastCommanAncestor(root->right, Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers 2017 n1,

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