1. Design using only HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 
2. No inline or internal CSS. All classes need to be defined in one external CSS file.
3. All CSS classes defined by you should have prefix intern_ .
     Example - If you are defining any class name body_text then its name should be
     .intern_body_text {
        color: blue;
4. You can use any image file from internet.


Hello Sir,

Thank you for considering me for this internship. I have completed the task assigned to me in the best possible way I could. I hope that matches to your expectations.
Hoping for a positive response from your end.


 I am herewith attaching the work that i have done as part of my assignment.As mentioned the files are named as test.html and test.css. Please do kindly refer and reply.
Thanking you,


our received your application through internshala for "Web Development".